Ah Mother’s Day.  The day your child brings home one of those glittery cards cut into the shape of their precious little hand.  It makes me sad to say it, but my kids are past that stage.  I’m not sure how I have a 14 year old because I am only 25:), but I do.  And they do not bring home glittery things anymore.
Being a mom to boys is a very special role.  You will always be the one they come to when they need to cry or talk. They will always come up and give you a big hug even if they have to bend down to do it. They will always say “I love You” before they hang up the phone.  And, most importantly you will be the one they compare their future wife to. No pressure there! I hope my boys find a beautiful, skinny, potty mouth wife that likes to cook:)
I was so sad when I found out that our third child was going to be another boy, but it was the best thing in the world to happen to me. I LOVE having boys. Yes, they are stinky and loud and have bad language and watch violent movies, but they are the best!  Sorry girl moms:).  And having ALL boys means that our house is a BOY house, but I am Queen:)
I am sure my future daughter-in-laws will compare me to Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond, but I guess that is my right if I make it out alive from this journey of being a Boy Mom. Can I get a Hell Yeah from the boy moms?
Anyway, if your kids are older and you are hosting a brunch for other mothers in your family here is a menu for you.  All the recipes are in posts below.  Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu