It’s official Christmas is less than a week away!  Every year it seems to come quicker and quicker although the older my kids get the less hectic the season is. Once your kids are out of elementary school you don’t have to go to all the holiday parties, plays and performances.  You don’t have to spend hours online or in line to find the perfect toy of the year-they are happy with one big gift. You actually have time to go to lunch with your friends and have a holiday drink because you don’t have to drive carpool at 1:35pm!
There are benefits to having older kids, but there is a downside as well.  I no longer have to remember the elf or hide the packages all over the house that I know I will never remember where they are all hidden or wake up at 5am Christmas morning. So to make up for some of the Christmas magic that has left our house I try to make the Christmas Eve dinner that much more special.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are truly the only times that all my teens are sitting together for an extended period of time, willingly! I cherish those dinners!
So how do you have a stress free, elegant, special dinner? You make really easy dishes! Below is my Christmas Eve Dinner menu.  They are all really easy, but if you don’t have the time or desire to make it all then have your guests bring one or two things to take the pressure off.  Or make the main course and buy the side dishes or dessert. Don’t kill yourself trying to do it all and ruining the evening. Its supposed to be a fun and happy time!
Merry Christmas!


 Christmas Menu