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Smoked Salmon Breakfast Casserole

It is spring and that means Easter and Mother’s Day are right around the corner and that means brunch! I love brunch at my house. Its a bit more relaxed than dinner and the menu can be a bit more forgiving-you can just throw what sounds good onto the table and no one questions it and most things can be made ahead of time. One of those make ahead dishes is the breakfast casserole and at most brunches there is always a breakfast casserole, but I am so, so sick of the sausage and cheese breakfast casserole. Don’t get me wrong I love sausage and cheese especially with green chilis, but I wanted something else so I came up with this recipe. My family LOVES salmon and it is such a typical brunch dish. Salmon with cream cheese, green onions and bagels are so good, but how do I combine the tastes with a casserole? Well, here it is…

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Zucchini Tart

I know it is technically Fall and we are supposed to be making soups and stews and all kinds of Fall stuff but it is still so hot and I keep seeing so much summer stuff in the grocery stores, like zucchini and they look amazing. Not like the end of the season wimpy zucchini. So I bought a huge bag from Costco and have made a crap ton of recipes with zucchini and one of those recipes was this fabulous Zucchini Tart. It looks really fancy, but it is really easy and the perfect light, meatless dinner. Ok, your big teenage boys might not like it, but just feed them a pizza and you eat this. Its delicious and so good with a cold glass of white wine!

What makes this recipe so easy is the mandoline slicer. It is a tool that you will use a million times and it is not that expensive and does not take up that much space in your kitchen so just bite the bullet and buy one.  But, if you […]

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Wine and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Wine and Cheese Breakfast Casserole 3

Breakfast casseroles are something you think about for holidays, brunches or funerals and they are perfect for those occasions, but they are also perfect to make on a Sunday afternoon to have in your fridge for the week ahead. I just cut out a piece, re-heat it in the microwave and serve it to the kids for a busy weekday breakfast-it makes breakfasts so easy, but still delicious and so much better than a bowl of cereal.

I have been making this casserole for YEARS! It is so good! It needs a little bit of planning, but it is worth it.  If I am making this for the week ahead I will make it on Sunday morning and let it sit in the fridge all day then bake it Sunday night because I don’t have an hour on Monday morning to let it bake or rather I don’t want to get up an hour earlier to let this thing bake.  But, if you have the time or get up early then make the […]

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Breakfast Cookies

Weekday breakfasts are hard! Everyone is grumpy, tired and not ready to go to school or work. But, everyone needs a good breakfast! I try to make a healthy breakfast-I notice that if they do not eat well in the morning they come home from school in the WORST mood. If I have time (it only takes about 10 minutes) I will make eggs, bacon (pre-cooked from Costco), fruit and milk.  I try to limit the sugar which pretty much knocks out all cereal or waffles or protein bars. As much as I try to get a good breakfast on the table somedays its just crazy-especially if they have to be at school before dawn for football practice so I will rely on something that I have made over the weekend that I can just heat in the microwave. A few of my favorite pre-made breakfasts are linked here: Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats, Green Chili Breakfast Casserole, Mini Sausage and Cheese Burrito Bowls, Breakfast Burritos. They an all be made on Sunday […]

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Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits


Biscuits 4Is there anything better than a warm buttermilk biscuit with melted butter or honey? I don’t think so! They are so decadent and have ZERO nutritional value, but they just make a Sunday morning so special.  My husband goes and picks up biscuits and gravy every single Sunday morning at a local fried chicken place and it takes everything I have to have not indulge and have one. So my boys eat them and love them and it has become a tradition in our family.

But, I started thinking how hard can making biscuits be??  So I started researching and found they are SUPER easy and they don’t even take that long to make. I mean lets face it, if I have to get up at 6:30am to make something for breakfast that takes an hour or two, I’m out! I want quick and easy, but it has to be delicious! So I promise these biscuits are easy! Serve them with some homemade gravy, honey, a slice of ham or just butter along with some bacon […]

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Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats

Coconut Cream Pie overnight Oats

Its April! And that means we have 2 months until summer-woo hoo!!  But, that means that we have 2 months of breakfasts and dinners to figure out-ugh! By this time everyone is tired of getting up and tired of the routine and is looking for something different.  I make my youngest son the same thing every morning- omelet with cheese, toast, berries and milk. He is SICK of that breakfast by April. So, I am shaking things up this week with a delicious Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats. I made a batch last night that will last all week and it was SO easy this morning when I stumbled downstairs to “make” breakfast.  I scooped out a bowlful of oats and topped it with fresh blueberries and breakfast was served!

It took me a few tries to get this recipe right, but there really is no “recipe”. Just adjust the amounts to what you prefer.  I used So Delicious Coconut Milk-it comes in a box and is either next to the milk or in […]

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Classic Brandy (or Bourbon) Milk Punch

Its Mardi Gras season and I love the music, food and people, but I look most forward to the Brandy Milk Punch! I would rather have a glass of this punch than the King Cake-if I have to choose. It is a classic cocktail served mostly at a New Orleans brunch, most specifically Brennan’s, but during Mardi Gras it is served ALL day long everywhere. […]

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Immunity Smoothie

Well the New Year started off with a bang and the FLU! Yes our house got the big ole FLU even with all of us getting our flu shots-those were a waste of money and pain. But, Thank God for Tamiflu! It cut the down time in half and actually protected my little one all together. I will be buying stock in that drug!

So while we were all dying I decided to figure out a healthy smoothie that would feel good our our scratchy throats and be helpful.  After much research I came up this smoothie. It is delicious and provides a big does of Vitamin C.
It takes about 3 minutes to prepare and doesn’t have any weird ingredients that you have to go to the health store to find. Just send out the least sick person of the group to the grocery with a mask on a grab these readily available items.
One note-I suggest investing in a really good blender. It is the appliance I use ALL the time for everything from salad dressings, salsa, smoothies, milkshakes to soups. It is […]
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Eggnog Breakfast Bake

Tis’ the season to eat! It seems like every night there is another event to go to that has more food and drink. Well, we have one more week and then the diet starts!!  So until then you might as well indulge and enjoy the season!

In our house we celebrate Christmas Eve.  We go to church, have a big dinner and open packages so that Christmas Day we can have a lazy, relaxed morning.  I usually make a large breakfast and we sit around and enjoy the much deserved day off!  Now since getting ready for Christmas is a total beat down I don’t usually have a lot of energy on the 25th to host a fabulous party or cook all day so here is my lazy Christmas breakfast dish. I have been making this breakfast casserole for years and it has become a tradition that everyone looks forward to.  It is very decadent and could actually be served as dessert, but we just throw caution to the wind and have it for breakfast.  I will make a large platter of […]
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Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Bread

Its here!  Thanksgiving week!!! This is my favorite holiday of the year.  There is no stress about buying gifts or sending out cards or hosting parties or buying clothes to go to the parties or remembering the hostess gift….  Its just family, friends and food!  Oh and the weather is perfect!  Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Its cool enough to build a fire and have the wonderful smell of pinion wafting through the house, but not so cold that you can’t go outside and enjoy the fire:) It just the perfect season!  

My older two boys have the entire week off which means I won’t see them until about 1pm everyday, but my younger son has school and he is not happy about it. But, having them all home means I need to cook just a little bit more and one thing I like to have is some kind of breakfast food waiting for them the they wake up even if its 1 in afternoon.  This recipe is so delicious that you an serve it as breakfast […]
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Green Chili Breakfast Casserole

The big meal day is right around the corner and and everyone is looking up recipes and dividing up responsibilities for the Thursday dinner, but everyone forgets about the days leading up to Thanksgiving and the days after.  If you have family and/or friends staying with you for the holidays then you need to feed them!  And they will probably expect to be fed at least once a day:)  Take a couple minutes and try to plan out the days you will have guests.  Plan a breakfast and a dinner at home and a lunch(s) and a dinner out-make your reservations now!

This is a recipe that you can make a couple days ahead of time and just reheat in the oven or microwave when you need it. I normally make this casserole and serve it with fresh fruit and juice or coffee.  Its easy and yummy!  If you like it spicy then use a can of diced jalapeños instead of green chilis.
Enjoy! Send your thoughts and questions!

Green Chili Breakfast Casserole

A […]

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Bacon Bourbon Fig Jam

Figs are one of those things I see in the grocery store and they look so exotic and sophisticated and delicious and I have no idea what to do with them.  I love figs when I order them in restaurants, but when I buy them they seem to always go bad on the counter because I don’t know what to do with them at home.  So, I decided to figure out a recipe that is easy and would use up those beautiful figs! 

A couple fun facts about figs-they have a ton of healthy benefits in addition to be delicious! They are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, B12…. and they have more antioxidants than red wine! They truly are the perfect fruit! 
This recipe is the perfect compliment to a cheese platter, especially with brie or blue cheese.  It is also great spread over toast in the morning or added into yogurt. Another great thing about this recipe is you can use your figs even if […]
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Granola Energy Bites

Well, we have hit the time of the school year where we are over the excitement of school starting, not ready for summer yet, but exhausted with all the activities and appointments EVERYDAY! This is the time when we all start saying screw it and pick up a pre-made casserole for dinner and open a box of pop tarts for breakfast.  It is a slippery slope! I have slipped down it many times.  

Hang in there with me and I will try to give you some yummy, easy, healthy (mostly) recipes.  This recipe is one of those that is super easy-it just takes the effort to get organized and DO IT.  That is the hardest part of cooking-doing it!  
I have made this recipe about 4 times and every time I vary the ingredients and we (I) have eaten them all.  You can make a batch on Sunday (it takes about 15-20 minutes) and put them in the freezer or fridge and just snack on them all week.  I can’t say that your kids will love them, but they taste like a […]
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Mini Sausage and Cheese Burrito Bowls

It’s about to be week two of school for us and that means that the routine has really started, boo hoo! This last week was especially hard down here in Texas.  Typically back to school means mom gets a break! It’s the week that grocery shopping gets done, laundry gets done, the house gets in order, hair gets cut, hair gets colored, nails get done…. it’s the week of back to normalcy, except this past week we as Texans, and the gracious people from Louisiana, stopped everything to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. People began food drives, clothing drives, animal rescue drives…we as a state dropped everything to drive down to Houston to deliver collected items, loan boats and manpower.  It was an amazing thing and showed the true Texan way of helping your neighbor! 

This horrible event showed how much love, acceptance, and humanity there is in this country.  In my personal opinion, I feel that we give the news media too much attention on the small amount of hate that exists in this country.  Hate seems to sell and that is […]
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Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail

You always need to have a cocktail at a brunch, especially if there is family there!  The typical drink is a Bloody Mary, but I thought I would try something new this year.  A Rosemary Greyhound is so springy and light and is perfect for an Easter brunch.  
The only thing that takes a bit of time is making the rosemary simple syrup.  It only takes about 5 minutes to make, but you need to let it cool for about an hour.  If you know me then you know I look for shortcuts and I would typically say buy the premade simple syrup-you can find it in any grocery store or liquor store, but, with this recipe the simple syrup IS the recipe so take the time to make it.  If you are running late in preparations then make the syrup and put it in a jar and place the jar in an ice bath to cool quickly.  
This is a great thing to make the day before that way it is cooled and ready […]
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Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche with Hash Brown Crust


The main course of any holiday meal should be the star! For a brunch the main course is typically a quiche.  It is easy to make ahead of time, you can serve it warm or at room temperature, it serves a lot of people, easily, and its an egg dish. Its the perfect brunch dish!

There really aren’t a lot of rules with quiches.  You can put whatever you want into them-vegetables, meats, cheeses… Anything that you like.  This recipe has a little bit of a twist in that the crust is not the typical pastry crust.  This crust is HASH BROWNS!  And it is SO good!

There are a couple tips I want to mention when making this dish.  First, start by using pre-shredded potatoes.  You can shred your own, but why??  The ones that are pre-shredded for you in the grocery store are great!  Just be sure and dry them thoroughly.  Wring them in a towel or lay them out and let them air dry.  If they are soggy they will not crisp up […]

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Strawberry Granola Yogurt Parfaits


Yogurt parfaits are my go to breakfast.  I do not love eggs so I eat a lot of yogurt to get my day going and when the berries are in season I try to mix in as many as I can.  Adding a handful of granola makes it feel like a full breakfast, kinda:) 

For these parfaits I used store bought granola because I just didn’t have the time to make my own.  I really like Kind Granola brand, but, if you want to make your own here is my recipe for delicious homemade granola.  
You can make these ahead of time, but I would only make them about 30 minutes to an hour ahead or the granola gets soggy.  They are easy enough to make at the last minute or you can just put all the ingredients in bowls and let your guests make their own.  Make those guests work for their meal!!!
Even if you are not hosting Easter this is a great “recipe” to have in your back pocket for future brunches […]
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Boiled Shrimp with Spicy Cocktail Sauce

I don’t think I have been to one buffet where they don’t have boiled shrimp or crab claws and now I know why.  I have never really thought about until I began putting this menu together.  If you are cooking a large menu you need to have items that are easy and simple and don’t take up a lot of brain power.  Boiled shrimp is it!  Everyone loves it and it looks fancy and it takes about 4 minutes to prepare-I swear!!!

I buy the tail on, easy peel, raw, frozen shrimp 21-25.  Which means that when you buy 1 pound of shrimp you should get anywhere between 21-25 shrimp in that pound.  So, obviously the bigger the number the smaller the shrimps.  When you are serving boiled shrimp as a dish alone you want the largest shrimp you can find or afford.  And buying frozen means that you can buy in advance and thaw when you are ready. 
You can peel the shells off if you want or you can boil the shrimp with the shells on and let your […]
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Lemon Blueberry Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is so yummy, delicious, easy and a perfect make ahead dessert for a brunch.  You can serve it warm or at room temperature.  There are a lot of ways to make monkey bread, but you know me-I like to do things easy and simple, especially if I am making a menu with lots of dishes.  This is an EASY spring monkey bread recipe.

There are times where I like to tackle a complicated dish, but if I have a lot to make at one time I want simple!  You can make your own dough for this dish, but why in the hell would you want to:)  I use good ole’ fashioned grocery store canned biscuits.  With a lot of monkey bread recipes they will tell you to roll each individual piece of dough in the sugar mixture and then into the butter mixture, but I just put it all in a bowl and make sure everything is coated well, but  it is a lot quicker to just combine everything in a bowl.   Be sure and combine gently so […]
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Rosemary and Olive No Knead Bread

Bread Rosemary

Happy New Year!  The holidays are over and everyone is on their gym/juicing resolution. How long do your resolutions last? I personally am not into the detox, juicing, fasting thing.  Many, many of my friends are and more power to them, but, I just can’t. The other day I went and bought $50 worth of cold-presssed, fresh juice. I tried, I promise I tried, but I just couldn’t do it.  They are SO gross!  I would rather have 5-10 pounds to loose than drink that stuff.  But, to each his own! In the Hood house we try to strike a balance of healthy and bad-80% good and 20% bad.  I don’t want my kids to worry about food/calories their whole lives.  I want them to enjoy food sitting around the table and forming relationships over a fabulous long dinner.  I feel like if they exercise and eat reasonably well then thats all I can ask for.  Life is way too short to not eat the dessert or the steak.

Now, with all that being said… I do […]
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Baked Pumpkin French Toast

We are not huge breakfast eaters so I don’t spend a lot of time making elaborate breakfasts or brunches. Although, one day, I would love to host a fabulous brunch in my beautiful English garden with the sun shining down and flowing mimosas, but that will not be anytime in the near future for us.  At this stage in our lives having three boys means that our weekends are not our own. We either have some game to attend, a practice to attend, traveling to a tournament or volunteering to try and get our high schooler his service hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time in our loves, but I can promise you that we are not hosting beautiful, long, lazy brunches.  Someday….

So, I only have a couple breakfast recipes and I use them ALL the time.  They are great for holidays, guests that are visiting or taking to a friend in need.  Everyone always takes dinner to friends that are sick, mourning or have a new baby, but no one ever takes breakfast. This is a yummy “casserole” […]
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I am not a huge breakfast eater.  I just don’t like most breakfast dishes-eggs, milk, carb loaded pancakes… But I try to eat something every morning before I get too busy and forget and then become ravenous at 11:30am. I love yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal and granola.  There are a ton of granolas on the market, but if you ever look at the sugar content it is crazy! Not to mention that a bag about 7oz is normally around $8!

So, I have come up with a granola that everyone in the family eats either for breakfast, with yogurt or milk, or for a snack after school.  And, if I am feeling really organized and cupcakey, some days I will send some in their lacrosse or football bag for a snack after practice. But, lets face it, that is rare, but it sounds really good!
Keep in mind, as with most of my recipes, just adjust the ingredients to your liking.  This is not rocket science-its granola. And, hell I guess you could order pizza for breakfast if you mess up.  Didn’t we all eat pizza […]
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Chicken and Waffles

This recipe is not quick and easy, but it is summer and I have a bit more time and my son begged for it.  I finally gave in and dang it is good! Once again it is not swimsuit friendly, but every now and then hey you just have to enjoy food!

Now, trust me you can do this!  It is not hard it just takes organization and about 45 minutes.  If you do not have a waffle maker then use the frozen Belgian Waffles. And here is another secret, shhhh…. if you just don’t have the time or are too tired from chasing kids around then buy frozen chicken tenders, frozen waffles and drizzle some of this magical syrup over top and voila Chicken and Waffles!!


Serves 4-6

5 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 lb. chicken tenders
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon Lowry’s seasoned salt
1 teaspoon black cracked pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 eggs (whisked)
3 Tablespoons butter
3 Tablespoons flour
2 cups milk
3-4 dashes of Tabasco
Salt […]
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Weekday Migas

Summer, ah summer!  Lazy days of laying by the pool eating popsicles, drinking out of the hose, never getting out of your swimsuit, running around barefoot and playing with your friends. I remember those days fondly-I long for those days. Now, I am a mother and yes I lay by the pool, but I am sweating my ass off and picking up popsicle sticks and turning off the hose and not having a chance to get out of my spandex torture suit and running around barefoot trying to avoid dog poo.  But, hey its summer!!  And its much better than fighting over homework:) 
I am obviously being sarcastic, but there’s always a little bit of truth in everything you say, right:)  I do love having the boys around and getting to experience the fun of summer through their eyes. It is fun having all their friends over and constantly telling them not to dive into the pool or or don’t spray the dog with the water hose or include your brother. I recently read a blog post that made me laugh out loud.  Here it […]
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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE champagne.  And yes there is a difference in champagne, not all are created equal.  Most people only open a bottle for a celebration and if thats you then splurge and buy the good stuff.  DO NOT buy that crappy Andre or Cooks stuff.  Don’t waste your money or the calories.  Throw down $30-$50 and buy a nice bottle of champagne. You don’t need to spend $100 on a good bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.
However, after saying all that I would not splurge if you are going to be making a cocktail such as a bellini.  If you like sweet use a Prosecco.  If you like a bit more dry go with a bottle of Gruet Brut.
Bellinis are the perfect drink to serve at a sip and see (you all know what that is, right?), a wedding shower, Easter brunch… Its springy and light and sweet. I like blueberries floating in mine, but you can use raspberries or put a strawberry on the edge of the glass.
You can make […]
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Rosemary Chicken Sausages

There is a lot of bacon and sausage consumed in my house, especially if one or more of the boys has a friend sleep over. I can easily go through 2 pounds of bacon and a pound of sausage on a Saturday morning.  I try to buy the uncured, reduced fat, low sodium, but still its fatty breakfast meats. And, every now and then, and I mean every now and then I will force myself to try a piece or two or three-just to make sure it’s cooked it properly. 

So, I started thinking that if I am going to have to keep trying the bacon and sausage I cook, for the kids, then I need to come up with a recipe that is a bit “healthier”.  And the logical choice is chicken, but I hate the typical chicken/apple sausage. I don’t know why, but I don’t like fruit in my savory sausage.  The reason people put apples in chicken sausage is because it gives it some moisture.  Chicken can be very dry and the apples allow you to cook the chicken through, but […]
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Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche

When I say the word brunch what do you think of?  Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, Quiche…  Oh yes Quiche!  It is an elegant egg dish with all kinds of refrigerator left overs thrown in it.  Once you know the basic quiche ingredients and techniques you can literally put anything you want in it and people will eat it. 
It is great served hot, warm, room temperature or cold.  You can serve it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner with a salad.  It could be the most versatile dish on the planet:) 
Since, as you know, I have 3 boys in my house I have to make things that will appeal to them so… I turned a light, veggie filled, girly recipe into a hearty man dish! Below is my recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche. I had to throw in some vegetable, but if you really hate veggies then by all means leave them out.


Makes 8-10 servings

1 pre-made pie crust (the kind you roll out)
4 slices bacon
1 small head of broccoli, cut into small florets
5 eggs
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup […]
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Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Sconces

Ahhh Meyer Lemons the perfect spring fruit.  There is no way that a bowl of lemons doesn’t make you smile.
Meyer Lemons are typically available February-May which makes them even more special.  They are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange and are a bit sweeter than a regular lemon which makes them the perfect addition to a dessert.  Their skin is thinner and has more of an orange tint and they are more round than a lemon.  
I find them in my grocery store in a bag near the regular lemons. Next time you see them buy a bag and give them a try.  You can use them in place of regular lemons in your tea, salad dressings, juiced over vegetables….
Below is a recipe for scones.  Now I am not a baker!!!  I hate following recipes exactly and with baking you have to or the cake, pastry or cookie won’t turn out right.  But, I wanted to use my Meyer lemons dammit!  So here is a quick yummy scone recipe.


Makes 8 Scones

2 cups […]
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The Perfect Herby Eggs

I have a confession, I HATE eggs.  I know I am strange, but I cannot stand them, but my entire family loves them so I make them everyday.  I have gotten pretty good at whipping up some scrambled eggs or omelets.  And the nice thing about eggs is they take about 2 minutes to make.  

I started adding different ingredients to the eggs just to shake things up and this is the “recipe” everyone asks for in the morning.  Serve these with candied bacon and some juice and voilá you have a “fancy” breakfast.


Makes 1 serving

2 eggs
1 teaspoon milk
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 Tablespoon shredded cheddar cheese
1 Tablespoon fresh herbs of your choice, minced (chives, dill, basil, oregano)
1 dollop of butter
In a small bowl whisk all ingredients until foamy.  
Heat a non stick 8″ sauté pan over medium low heat.  Melt butter (I just use a small sliver from the butter stick).
Pour in eggs and stir continually with a spatula until the eggs are fluffy and cooked through. Remember low and slow with eggs.
Serve with bacon and toast.
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Candied Bacon

Bacon! Oh yes the other white meat:)  I mean who doesn’t like bacon?  If you raised your hand you need to just stop reading right now! I’m not talking about that “turkey” bacon, I’m talking about BACON!  My kids think that a plate of bacon is a meal, ha!  

Ok, ok I do buy the uncured bacon only because it’s right next to the cured bacon and I am trying to be healthy. Seriously, there is no real taste difference in the two, just buy your favorite brand.  
The trick to this bacon is the corn meal it gives it some crunch. If I am serving these for a party then cut the bacon into thirds and serve them in a bowl.  Your guests will LOVE them!


1lb. thick cut bacon (thick cut is key)

3 cups brown sugar

3 Tablespoons yellow corn meal

Preheat oven to 350°

Line a baking sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil.  Place a baking rack or cookie cooling rack on
top of foil.  Spray with cooking spray.

In a mixing […]

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