July 4th is coming up and it is one of the most fun holidays of the year.  There is no pressure to get your house ready for guests or cook for hours.  It is a casual, laid back and easy holiday. Typically, the kids are running around in their swimsuits playing flashlight tag or swimming in the pool at night (don’t you remember how exciting it was to swim at night). The parents are usually sitting around in lawn chairs laughing, drinking and eating.  It is just a fun night!  And, then to top the whole night off there are fireworks in the sky. Or, if you are like our group of friends, the men are lighting off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks trying not to set the boat dock on fire while the kids watch in amazement. 

Regardless of if your husbands are acting like kids or if your kids have taken over the neighborhood running around like wild Indians, July 4th is a holiday of cooking out. Whether you are having hot dogs, hamburgers, lobsters, shrimp boil or pizza it is a fun night for everyone to bring a dish to create a pot luck dinner. I have put together a menu that is easy enough for one person to make or you can assign dishes to friends to make.

Enjoy and have a fun, safe July 4th!

July 4th Menu