I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys, but I am far from the cupcake, Martha Stewart type.  I don’t make homemade Valentine cards or only use organic cleaning products.  Every year my kid’s birthdays surprise me!  I swear that I am going to create one of those “Pinterest” morning birthday breakfasts, but instead, I send my husband out to get donuts, stick a used candle in one of those sugary treats and snap a pic.
Our life is crazy busy and frankly I am tired and lazy! Weeknights are chock full of kid activities, homework, sports, sports and more sports, but I still want sit down dinners, so the whole family can slow down, and just talk with each other. Now, keep in mind, dinner may only last ten minutes, but hopefully my kids are learning the art of conversation, proper table manners, and eating what is put in front of you.
Yes, my kids eat what I prepare – there are no “special meals” made. Even more reason why I need to make meals that they will eat so they will grow, grow, grow and one day move the hell out.  Just kidding! But I do want them to love what I make so they want to eat at home with their family and bring their friends over so I can spy on what they are doing.
So why do I care so much about cooking, besides the fact that I really like it? I want my family to eat healthy meals, sit around our kitchen table and most importantly I want them to remember the good homey smells coming from the kitchen.  Smells evoke so many memories and I want my boys to remember that our home was a place of comfort, friends and love.
You can do it! Just order pizza if the meal turns out to be a disaster – no harm, no foul. But, at least you tried and next time will be better.  The recipes on this blog are EASY, I promise! Just get in the kitchen, have a glass of wine, or two, or three, and cook.  It’s not open heart surgery – it’s dinner. And remember There’s Always Pizza!
I hope you enjoy the recipes. Let me know your thoughts!
The reason I cook!