Easter Brunch

Easter is this weekend and I cannot believe it! How is it April already?  If you are like me you are already looking towards summer and planning all the activities and trips for the family.  At this point in the school year you just want to be done! Everyone is sick of homework and practices and games and charity events and we tend to skim past Easter.  It is such a beautiful holiday and it is nice to just take a moment and celebrate the day, celebrate the beautiful spring weather and celebrate being with family.

It is easy to go out for brunch, but you will always feel crowded and hurried and eat a huge buffet that was prepared a week ago by a team of chefs. There is just something nice about being at home.  It does not have to be a big fancy brunch and you don’t have to exhaust yourself making elaborate dishes.  Its just about being together as a family with good homemade food.  Set your table with your finest china and place a few vases of spring flowers in the middle and viola you have an Easter table.  If you are looking for beautiful Easter tablescape ideas visit my friend’s website www.thelushlist.com for gorgeous inspiring ideas.
With that being said, I have come up with a very simple brunch menu.  This time of year is busy and the whole world does not seem to stop and let you prepare like it does for Christmas.  So in my opinion simple is best.  But, if you feel like your brunch menu needs more then I would add a nice cheese plate or a spiraled ham or a tray of easter cookies from the local bakery.
One of the items on my menu is biscuits with ham and Dijon mustard.  This does not require a recipe so I did not include a page for it.  Basically, bake a can of biscuits and place a piece or two of deli smoked ham on the warm biscuits and serve it with a bowl of spicy Dijon mustard for your guests to spread on.  Easy, simple, classic and filling.
When your guests arrive serve them a spring cocktail or glass of chilled champagne and enjoy the day. I hope everyone has a very special Easter.

Easter Brunch Menu