Valentines Day Menu

It’s Valentines Day this week-I cannot believe that we are in February already, but here we are.  What are your plans? We are headed to Virginia to visit our son and take him to dinner-romantic, huh:) After 19 years of marriage the romance of Valentines Day is a bit lost or should I say the idea of going to an expensive, pre-made, crowded dinner is not very romantic. And this year it is on a Thursday, wha wha… which means work the next day. So, if you are planning on staying in, but want to make the night special here is a great menu.

I created this menu with the idea that after a long day at work you want to make a special dinner, but do not want to spend hours grocery shopping or hours making it. All of these recipes are super easy. They sound difficult and very restauranty, but I promise they are easy.  Oh and the ingredients you can get at just about any grocery store.  I would suggest going to the best store […]

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Thanksgiving Menu

I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner, yes we do dinner at 7pm, every year since I got married almost 20 years ago. I wanted to start traditions for my new family that could hopefully be passed down.  My mom passed down the cornbread dressing and Ritz pie (I will get to that one later-but it is AWESOME!) and I started the tradition of Crab Cakes and Champagne as an appetizer to ring in the holiday season.  Everyone looks forward to it each year and it has become my contribution to the family traditions.
I think that traditions are so important in families.  They create memories and feelings of comfort and security.  Don’t be afraid to host Thanksgiving and actually cook Thanksgiving.  It’s not that hard-it’s just dinner.  People are there to be together and celebrate the season.  Seriously, just pour really good wine or cocktails and they will never notice the food.
Start small and come up with a menu that you can assign dishes to people to bring.  Decide on which dish you want to make and make it!  I promise it will […]
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Mothers Day

Ah Mother’s Day.  The day your child brings home one of those glittery cards cut into the shape of their precious little hand.  It makes me sad to say it, but my kids are past that stage.  I’m not sure how I have a 14 year old because I am only 25:), but I do.  And they do not bring home glittery things anymore.
Being a mom to boys is a very special role.  You will always be the one they come to when they need to cry or talk. They will always come up and give you a big hug even if they have to bend down to do it. They will always say “I love You” before they hang up the phone.  And, most importantly you will be the one they compare their future wife to. No pressure there! I hope my boys find a beautiful, skinny, potty mouth wife that likes to cook:)
I was so sad when I found out that our third child was going to be another boy, but it was the best thing in the […]
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Easter Brunch

Easter is this weekend and I cannot believe it! How is it April already?  If you are like me you are already looking towards summer and planning all the activities and trips for the family.  At this point in the school year you just want to be done! Everyone is sick of homework and practices and games and charity events and we tend to skim past Easter.  It is such a beautiful holiday and it is nice to just take a moment and celebrate the day, celebrate the beautiful spring weather and celebrate being with family.

It is easy to go out for brunch, but you will always feel crowded and hurried and eat a huge buffet that was prepared a week ago by a team of chefs. There is just something nice about being at home.  It does not have to be a big fancy brunch and you don’t have to exhaust yourself making elaborate dishes.  Its just about being together as a family with good homemade food.  Set your table with your finest china and place a few vases of […]
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Christmas Menu

It’s official Christmas is less than a week away!  Every year it seems to come quicker and quicker although the older my kids get the less hectic the season is. Once your kids are out of elementary school you don’t have to go to all the holiday parties, plays and performances.  You don’t have to spend hours online or in line to find the perfect toy of the year-they are happy with one big gift. You actually have time to go to lunch with your friends and have a holiday drink because you don’t have to drive carpool at 1:35pm!
There are benefits to having older kids, but there is a downside as well.  I no longer have to remember the elf or hide the packages all over the house that I know I will never remember where they are all hidden or wake up at 5am Christmas morning. So to make up for some of the Christmas magic that has left our house I try to make the Christmas Eve dinner that much more special.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are truly […]
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July 4th Menu

July 4th is coming up and it is one of the most fun holidays of the year.  There is no pressure to get your house ready for guests or cook for hours.  It is a casual, laid back and easy holiday. Typically, the kids are running around in their swimsuits playing flashlight tag or swimming in the pool at night (don’t you remember how exciting it was to swim at night). The parents are usually sitting around in lawn chairs laughing, drinking and eating.  It is just a fun night!  And, then to top the whole night off there are fireworks in the sky. Or, if you are like our group of friends, the men are lighting off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks trying not to set the boat dock on fire while the kids watch in amazement. 

Regardless of if your husbands are acting like kids or if your kids have taken over the neighborhood running around like wild Indians, July 4th is a holiday of cooking out. Whether you are having hot […]

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