Cheesy Roasted Asparagus

Cheesy Asparagus 2

Well if your kids don’t like their veggies with this recipe then they are not normal:) This ooey, gooey, cheesy asparagus is so delicious and easy enough to whip up on a crazy busy night, but still gorgeous enough to serve at a dinner party. All your guests will love it, even the ones that say “I don’t like vegetables”. And I promise your kids will love it! This is recipe is also Keto friendly so if you are on that diet then this is PERFECT for you.

In the winter it can be hard to find those beautiful thick asparagus stalks so be sure and watch your cook time if you all you can find is the skinny stalks. There is nothing worse than mushy vegetables so for the skinny stalks cut the cook time down a couple minutes.  If you are lucky enough to find the thick ones then be sure to use your vegetable peeler and peel off the bottom 1/2 of the stalks (after you have cut off the tough woody ends).

Enjoy […]

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Family Dinner

Dinner Table 5

So, people assume that because I like to cook that I love to cook EVERY night and plan meals EVERY week. That is not true!  I do like to cook, but yes it does become monotonous and sometimes a chore and I have to remind myself why I cook dinner for my family. I cook so that we have “Family Dinner” -a special time for us to just sit down, breathe, take a break from electronics and connect for a few minutes.  And, yes sometimes it is for just a few minutes and yes sometimes it is at 5:30pm and sometimes it is at 8:30pm, depending on sports, and sometimes Dad is home and sometimes he’s out of town, but we still have family dinner on most weeknights. And, yes on occasion I say screw it and we hit Chic Fil-A!

So why do I care so much about cooking, besides the fact that I really like it? I want my family to eat healthy meals, sit and talk around our kitchen table and most importantly, I […]

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Lightened Up Spring Pasta Alfredo

I love pasta!  I know it is the devil’s food, but I just love it!  It is my go-to when I don’t want to cook or when I am home alone because the boys are off hunting or when I’m sick.  Pasta just makes everything better. And it is SO easy to make! Lightened Up Spring Pasta Alfredo is no exception and it is not as heavy as spaghetti and meatballs or manicotti so you can still fit into your swimsuit come July-God I hate swimsuit season!!!! If I have to choose between eating pasta and wearing a caftan in 100 degrees or not eating pasta and sitting in a bikini I will choose pasta:) I mean really how many days do you sit around in a bikini? Go for the pasta, ha! I hear caftans are light and airy.

This recipe is a traditional pasta alfredo sauce, lightened up, but if you want to go even more healthy you can make this pasta with my Skinny Alfredo Sauce and it will be just as delicious.  I normally […]

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