What cocktail to serve New Year’s Eve?? Champagne is the traditional drink to serve and it just happens to be my favorite drink! I could drink champagne every day of the year and most days I do:)  This past summer we went on a trip to St. Barths with some very dear friends and luckily my friend Amanda loves champagne as much as I  do!  And with St. Barths being French they had every imaginable champagne everywhere (grocery stores, gas stations, airport…) and we drank enough champagne to sink a boat-it was SO fun!
I digress, back to New Year’s Eve and trying to find a drink that everyone will like or at least most will like. This cocktail is so light an refreshing and not sweet.  I see all the time these signature drinks served at parties and the men walk right past them and head to the bar to get the typical Jack and Coke, whiskey on the rocks, vodka tonic or beer. Men don’t like sweet drinks, at least that is my experience down here in Texas. But…, you need to serve champagne on the big night so this drink should appeal to everyone when the clock strikes midnight.  It’s not complicated, but yet it’s not the same ole’ boring glass of champagne. It’s festive and sparkly and so yummy! Enjoy!
Have a very Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve! See you next year!


Winter Champagne Cocktail

Makes 1 drink

Orange Bitters
Orange to Juice and peel
1 Rosemary Spring
Champagne or Sparkling Wine, chilled

Pour champagne into glasses. 

Add one dash of bitters.

Add a squeeze of orange juice.

Run orange peel around the rim of the glass and drop into glass.  

Garnish with rosemary.

* Peel the orange first, using a vegetable peeler, before you juice the orange.  Be sure not to peel off any of the pith (the white layer between the orange and peel-it is bitter)

Needed Items