We are in the home stretch of this 2017 year and I can’t believe how fast it has gone.  I feel like it was just Halloween and I was scrambling to find candy to pass out and now we are planning New Years Eve? It goes by in a blink doesn’t it?

Well if you are hosting a New years Eve party or lucky enough to be invited to someone’s party you are probably looking things to serve or bring.  Please remember if you are hosting to have PLENTY of food on this night!  There is a lot alcohol consumed and people need food to snack on ALL night.  If your party starts at 7pm then be sure and serve dinner and then plan on serving a second dinner or heavy appetizer round about 11pm. First, you don’t want you guests getting so drunk they ruin the party and second, people will leave if they are hungry and there is no food.
Below is a recipe for THE EASIEST appetizer in the world, I promise! Seriously, a monkey could make this! It goes quickly so be sure and make a lot.  I totally forgot about this appetizer until my Mom brought it over for Christmas Eve. My boys loved it and so did I !
You can serve this hot or room temperature-either way it is delicious.  If you want keep it warm all evening then serve it out of a crock pot. Now, I know this is obvious, but please be sure and place the crock pot someplace where the cord cannot be tripped over.  It would be a total party foul if a guest knocked the entire pot of sausages all over the place. Not to mention you would loose this amazing appetizer:)
I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe New Year’s Eve! Please send me a note if you have any questions and remember to follow me on Instagram to get notice of my latest posts.



Smokey Little Sausages

1 (12 oz) bottle of chili sauce (Heinz)
1 cup grape jelly
2 packages little smokies cocktail sausages (12oz each)

Place all ingredients into a crock pot for 1 hour on high or into a saucepot on the stove for 30 minutes on medium high.  Cook until the sauces has thickened.

Serve warm or at room temperature with toothpicks.

* You can substitute premade mini meatballs or 32oz. fully cooked sausage cut into bite size pieces.

Needed Items