Ok, I know you all see those beautiful red bulbs in the grocery store and think, who eats those?  Or, what do you do with radishes?  Don’t walk past this vegetable again!!  Just don’t do it!  Grab a bunch and give them a try.  

You can sauté them, roast them, pickle them or eat them raw.  One of the ways I like to eat or serve radishes is VERY simple.  Are you getting the idea that I like simple?  The next time you are needing to bring an appetizer to a get together bring this.  Or just put it out before dinner and munch on them with a crisp glass of champagne while you are cooking. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to have a glass of champagne on Tuesday.  Life is too short to not make everyday special.  
I’ll get off my soapbox now. But seriously try radishes-you will love them!
Here is the salt I prefer in a dish like this where the taste is very prominent.


Radishes with Butter and Salt

1 bunch of radishes-there are many varieties so buy the freshest looking bunch
1/2 cup softened unsalted butter
2 Tablespoons sea salt

Wash radishes and remove any brown or ugly looking leaves and cut off the "root" end.  If you need to feed more just cut them in half down the middle. Dry and place on a pretty serving tray.

In a small bowl use an electric beater on high speed to "whip" the butter.  Scoop whipped butter into a small serving bowl.

Pour a small amount of salt on the serving tray next to the butter and radishes.

* A few notes:

1- Use the best butter you can find. I like Kerrygold, but use any high end unsalted butter. 
2- Use good sea salt-I like Maldon Salt.  Don't use table salt. In fact, throw out your table salt! It's too salty and tastes awful next to good Kosher or sea salt. 
3- Instruct your guests or husband or kiddos to dip the radish in the butter and then dip in the salt.  Just a hint of salt is all you need.