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Bourbon Meatballs

This Bourbon Meatball recipe is a combination of several recipes I have found over the last couple of years.  My discerning taste testers have given me their feedback and this is the final recipe.

I mean it has bourbon, bacon, beef, BBQ sauce.  Who doesn’t like all of that?  I served these at a party recently and everyone loved them.  I admit I had plied them with lots of wine and booze, but never the less they liked them.  See, the secret to a good party is having really good booze and music then your guests will love your jokes and especially the food!
But on a more serious note, if cooking can be considered serious, these meatballs are great without the sauce served over mashed potatoes for dinner.  I will work on a more “formal” recipe for that one.

Bourbon Meatballs

An old fashioned appetizer with a twist of Bourbon to give it a hint of smoke and sweet.

  • 6 Strips uncooked bacon
  • 1 lb Ground beef
  • 1/2 Onion, chopped
  • 1/2 Cup Breadcrumbs
  • 1 teaspoon Chili […]
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Taco Seasoning

So they say that opposites attract and that is true in a lot of cases except for me and my best friend.  She and I are about 90% alike and the other 10% we are totally opposite.  I like quiet and calm and she can deal, God bless her, in mass chaos; I can smell anything and she is completely nose-blind;  I love to cook and she has no desire!! But, she does cook tacos so this recipe is for you BFF.
Tacos are a national weeknight dinner staple, am I right? They are easy and everyone likes them.  Well, tacos were on the menu one night a few years back and I reached for one of those taco seasoning packets and saw MSG on the ingredient list.  Now, you should know by now I am not a huge “organic, vegan, juicing” kinda gal, but the MSG does cause most people to feel shaky and icky.  So, I decided to come up with my own taco seasoning.  And hot damn it was so easy!
Here is our family’s taco […]
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Chinese Chicken Salad

I know this will sound strange and I have said it before, but my boys love salads.  So, I try to make a couple meals a week a salad. I have made this salad for years and years and have given the recipe to a million people.  It is just a good go-to easy weeknight salad that is healthy and filling.  

It is also a great way to “empty out” your refrigerator and sneak in some veggies for your family.  Use whatever you have on hand-do not make a special trip to the grocery store if you realize you forgot something. There really is nothing worse than the grocery store at 5pm. 
Here is the Broccoli Slaw I use


Serve 4-5

1 bag of coleslaw (omit the dressing packet)
1 bag of shredded broccoli mix
1/2 bag shredded carrots
1 bag sugar snap peas, blanched or steamed in the microwave in one of those fancy steam bags.  
1/2 bag bean sprouts
1 packet Chicken flavored Ramen noodles, crushed (hold on to seasoning for dressing)
3 Tablespoons sesame seeds
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1 rotisserie chicken, […]
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Beer Brats

I know its spring, but the Northeast has snow and the South has 87° so I have no idea what season it is. But, since it felt like summer today I decided to make a summer dish.  But…I was lazy and did not want to grill, not that grilling is that hard, but it was just one more thing I needed to think about so I did this on the stove.  

There is nothing better than the smell of onions sautéing.  It just makes the house smell like you have been working for hours on some amazingly complex meal, ha!!  Well, this meal is anything but complex, but it is really good and gets on the table in a flash.
Here’s to the start of winter/summer/spring?? 


Serves 5

5 Sausages (Johnsonville Brats or any other german sausage you like)
5 Hoagie rolls
1 onion, sliced thin
1 bell pepper, sliced thin (red, green or yellow)
1 Tablespoon butter
1 bottle beer (Ale or dark German beer)
Preheat oven to 300°
Wrap Hoagie rolls in foil and place in oven to warm.
In a large straight sided skillet melt butter […]
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BBQ Chicken Pizza

I really hate to say this word, but I had LEFTOVER BBQ chicken from the other night.  I just hated to throw it out so while I was at Central Market I was thinking of ways to use it.  My son was having a few boys over to hang out and I knew I had to have food ready.  So I bought two frozen plain pizza crusts and made BBQ Chicken Pizza.  They were gone in about 45 seconds.  I did get a small sliver to taste and it was pretty darn good!!
I just happened to have BBQ chicken, but if you don’t then just use rotisserie chicken or you can bake/grill a boneless, skinless breast and use that.
Serve this as a snack or put a garden salad next to it and in my book that is DINNER!
Here is the crust that I bought.  


Makes 1 (12″) Pizza

1 cup cooked chicken shredded (use rotisserie or bake one boneless, skinless chicken breast at 400° for 20 minutes)
2 Tablespoons BBQ sauce
1/2 onion, sliced
1 cup Mozzarella, shredded
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BBQ Chicken

For anyone that likes BBQ, but does not want to wait for the SLOW cooking methods of BBQ, this chicken is perfect for a busy weeknight. Before you start your day, if you think about it, season the chicken with the dry rub and let it sit all day.  But if you are barely getting the kids out the door for school then just season the chicken right before you cook them. 

When you get ready for dinner just heat the oven and bake these suckers for about 45 minutes.  Then pop them on the grill for that traditional BBQ flavor. 
Serve this with roasted asparagus or corn on the cob or just a salad. 


4-5 Servings

2-3 large bone-in chicken breasts

1/2 cup BBQ seasoning rub (we like Stubbs)
Olive Oil
1 cup BBQ sauce (we like Stubbs)
Preheat oven to 375°
Preheat grill to medium high (you do not want the grill blazing hot)
Rub seasoning all over the chicken.  You can do this in advance if you have time.  It can sit in the refrigerator for up to a day.
Place the chicken on a foil […]
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Flank Steak

There is nothing my kids request more than Flank Steak.  They are carnivores!  I really do try and limit the amount of red meat they eat, but its hard. Beef is just so good-sorry vegetarians.  

I have tried to explain to them that red meat is not good for them every night. That we need to mix it up with chicken, pork or fish.  But when I serve “the other meats” they don’t always clean their plates and ask for seconds like they do with beef. But, my kids have learned not to complain about what I cook.  Ray will kick their A** if they moan that they don’t like something.  I’m not saying that they love everything I serve, but they do not complain. When they were toddlers the rule was, if you don’t like what I am serving then you may go get a hot dog out of the refrigerator.  After hot dogs for days they began to appreciate what I made.  And good grief what I am making is “normal” food-I’m not making them eat curried goat for heaven’s […]
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Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Everyone in the world knows that Texas is the best at Tex-Mex and Smoked BBQ. These two delicacies are almost religions in the Lone Star State.  And having grown up with family in West Texas the green chilies made their way in to almost everything, including Tex-Mex and BBQ.  I wouldn’t say that green chilies are as prominent in Texas as New Mexico, but it is close.  They give dishes a mild heat with a hint of smoke.  
Now, most of the peppers used when referring to “green chilies” are the Anaheim pepper from New Mexico.  They are a large, deep green pepper and are almost always roasted before using or canning. Roasting gives them a smoky flavor that goes perfect with Tex-Mex dishes.  
This recipe is a family favorite and I have taken it to SO many people when dinner is needed.  It is quick, easy and perfect for making ahead and keeping in the fridge until ready to reheat.  So all my friends who have had this dish chime in with your thoughts.  


Serves 4-6

8-10 […]
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Lemon Baked Cod

The Hood family is not big fish eaters, except for my husband who eats salmon every single day.  I know, I know it is healthy and will help you loose weight, blah, blah, blah.  Me and my kiddos just don’t love it. However, that being said this is one of the best fish dishes I have ever come up with.  You can now clap:) 
I like fish and chips and that is usually made with cod, which is a firm, flaky fish that is not very “fishy”.  But, I did not want to fry fish in my house-can you imagine the smell?  So… I tried baking the fish fillets.  Everything goes better with butter and lemon so….  Now, if you cook often you know that dredging meat/fish in flour before cooking will create a fabulous sauce with the drippings.  The flour acts as a thickener. I did not want to dredge the fish in egg before the flour because that would essentially create a coating like fried fish has.  So here is my creation of a buttery fabulous fillet of cod.


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Crabcakes with Spicy Avocado Sauce

I started a tradition when my husband and I got married and we began hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  It’s kind of unusual, but now everyone requests it every year.  
Before dinner, yes we have dinner at my house on Thanksgiving-I have never understood the 2pm Thanksgiving.  I don’t eat lunch at 2pm and I don’t eat dinner at 2pm so why would I eat Thanksgiving at 2pm?  In my house we watch football, hang out and have dinner at 7pm and the crash into dreamland with full bellies.  
Anyway, I digress…. before we sit down to dinner, I make crab cakes topped with caviar and serve a glass of champagne to toast to the holiday season. Even the kids get a glass of kid champagne.  It is something that we all look forward to all year.  But, my son Jack LOVES crab and begs me to make crab cakes all the time.  I did not want to take away from the tradition that we look forward to so I came up with an alternative way to serve crab cakes.  Here is […]
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Chicken with White Wine and Mushrooms

Well, tonight is one of those nights where all 3 boys are going in three different directions.  Normally on nights like this if my husband was out of town I would just run by good ol Chic fil A and call it a night, but my husband is in town.  So, I am going to try and get my act together and make dinner ahead of time.  I know gasp!  Sounding a lot like a cupcake mom, but I will not have even 10 minutes in between my chauffeur shifts to make dinner.  So I am putting on my apron and pearls and getting started.
This recipe I have been using for so many years and if you are a friend of mine that has been in need of a meal I can guarantee you have received this in your cooler on your porch.  It’s so easy and can be dished out in shifts if thats how your family eats with kids that are all over the place on weeknights.  Just pull out of the oven and leave on the […]
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Texas Nachos

As promised from my last post, we are having Texas Nachos for snacks today.  With boys you have to have SNACKS or they will eat everything that is junk in the house.  So these nachos should tide them over until dinner.  Oh crap I need to come up with something for dinner.  I swear they want to eat EVERY night, ugh! Ok I will work on that after this post.  
Texas Nachos are different than restaurant nachos.  At a restaurant or bar they pile tortilla chips way high and cover them with liquid cheese, sour cream, salsa, and whatever else they can think of.  And the result is a hard to eat plate of soggy bottom tortilla chips doused in “tex-mex” condiments.  Texas Nachos are individual chips that are spread with refried beans (I use the fat free) then topped with meat-you can use left over ground taco meat or brisket or in my case left over French Dip pot roast.  Then top with shredded cheddar cheese and baked in the oven until the cheese is ooey gooey.  When it comes out of the […]
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French Dip Sandwiches

So tonight is a really busy night for us.  My husband is traveling and all three of my kids have a practice to be at and its Wednesday so in the South its church night.  My boys go to church for their youth group meeting and its really hard to squeeze in dinner, but I am going to try.  I feel like raising my fist in the air like that woman in the poster from World War 2  “We Can Do It”!!!
Anyway, we are having French Dip Sandwiches.  First because they are SUPER easy and second I can use the leftover meat in nachos for snacks tomorrow after school.  Now, please, please know that I HATE leftovers so this is really unusual for me, but the roast I bought is really big so I had to think of a […]
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