There is a secret among moms who have kids that play sports.  If at all possible and the timing is right we are drinking at our kids games.  I mean, come on, there are only so many flag football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball games you can get excited about your little darling playing. 

So, when my middle son was on a flag football team the games were always on a Thursday at about 5pm at a park down the street.  A good friend of mine, Pam Adams, would bring big pitchers of Beer Margaritas.  They were SO good! Now whenever I have one it brings back such good memories of friends, spring nights and my 4th grade pro athlete. 


Beer Margarita

Serves 4-6 or 1-2 depending on the day you have had

1 light beer (Corona)
1 can frozen limeade
1 can of tequila (use the limeade can)
1 can of water (use the limeade can)
1 lime, cut into slices or wedges

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher.

Serve over ice with a lime wedge