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Butter Poached Scallops

Butter poached scallops! How decadent does that sound? I was at the grocery store with my son and he was picking out the piece of salmon he and his dad wanted for dinner and since I don’t love salmon I picked out some jumbo scallops for my dinner. I used to “like” scallops, but I didn’t love them because I don’t really like the contrasting textures of seared scallops.  The outside is crispy and the inside is soft.  It just doesn’t work for me when we are talking about seafood. So when my friend made scallops one night for a dinner party I could not believe how AMAZING they were.  I mean TO DIE for! Of course I asked for the recipe and she gladly gave it to me.  I can’t say it’s much of a recipe, but more like instructions because it is that easy. It takes about 12 minutes from start to finish, I’m serious! You can make this on any weeknight or for a dinner party or special occasion. It is that special, but […]

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Pork Medallions with Herb Cream Sauce

Pork Medallions with Herb Cream Sauce sounds really fancy and difficult but I promise you its not hard or time consuming.  Have I ever steered you wrong?? I see all these recipes and read all the magazines that promise that this recipe won’t take long to make and then I read through the recipe and find that it needs an hour of marinating or 6 hours in the crock pot or takes 35 minutes to come to pressure and THEN it only takes 10 minutes to cook a roast…  Well, in my book quick means quick. I need a recipe that I can open my fridge, cook and have the food on the table in 30 minutes! This is one of those recipes and it is SO delicious!  Now I know it has cream in it, OH MY GAWD!  But…. I serve only 2 medallions for each person along with a huge salad and a steamed veggie.  I understand that it is not a grilled chicken breast, but I have boys and they need more than salmon […]

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Garlic Butter Roasted Salmon in Foil

This is one of the most requested dinners in my house. My youngest son LOVES fish and inhales this every time I make it.  And I love that he loves it!  As a growing teenager salmon is such a great food for him to eat-pure protein! And when I make this he rarely eats a second dinner of cheerios because he is so full from the first dinner.

Roasted Salmon in Foil is one of the EASIEST dinners you can make.  I timed myself and it took 18 min from start to finish! I serve it with steamed green beans or asparagus or rice. […]

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Blood Orange and Rosemary Chicken

What are blood oranges?? They are a variety of citrus originated in the Southern Mediterranean with a slight raspberry flavor. They are a natural mutation of the orange where the flesh turns crimson only with the cool temperatures of the night during the fall and winter months. In America the blood orange season is December-March in Texas and November-May in California. I love cooking with blood oranges when they are in season, but this recipe for Blood Orange and Rosemary Chicken is just as delicious with regular oranges.

When developing this recipe I wanted more of a savory/herby dish than the typical Chinese Orange Chicken that is sticky, sweet and tart. I used a little honey but only to make the sauce a bit thicker.  I am not a fan of sweet with my main dishes.

Another note-I used boneless/skinless chicken thighs (I can’t find boneless thighs with skin on) instead of chicken breasts because the breasts dry out, but if you prefer white meat then by all means use breasts just watch the cooking time so they don’t dry […]

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Pancetta Stuffed Pork Chops

The holidays are a time of indulgence and celebration and I try to carve out a couple days a week during this busy season to have a family dinners.  I want the dinners to be special and delicious, but I am always so exhausted during December that the recipe must be easy!  This Pancetta Stuffed Pork Chop is very fancy, but is really easy.  There is no sauce needed and that cuts down on the kitchen time.  Start to finish including baking time (read sit down and have a glass of wine time) is about 55 minutes.

I bought my chops at Trader Joes and they were “frenched”, which means the bone was left on the chop and it was cleaned.  It just makes for a pretty presentation, but not necessary.  You can do it yourself with a paring knife if you can’t find it already done or you can just buy chops without the bone. You just want thick cut chops so that you can stuff them.  And speaking of stuffing it is very easy to cut […]

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Winter Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

Casserole! That word is rarely spoken in our house because my husband hates them! And generally I don’t love them because they are always made with condensed soup-ick!!!!  But, I do love the ease of making casseroles and the clean up after dinner. So, I have come up with a casserole that everyone will eat.  It uses winter vegetables and a sauce that is very easy that makes this recipe creamy and rich. I call it Winter Chicken and Rice Casserole-original, right?, lol!

Another thing I like about the recipe is that once it is in the oven you can clean up the kitchen and then after dinner all you have to do is put the plates and cups in the dishwasher and you are done!  There really is nothing worse than eating a delicious dinner only to have a kitchen to clean up after. So this makes a perfect weeknight dinner!

A couple tricks to make this even easier- pre-cut brussels sprouts, pre-sliced mushrooms, pre-cooked wild rice, pre-cut sweet potatoes.  The grocery store has so many short cuts […]

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Chicken Paillard with Pear and Aruglua

Its December and that means a packed schedule of parties, happy hours, brunches, school performances….and lots of yummy high calorie treats, dinners and cocktails. Just go ahead and book your trainer now for January-it takes away a bit of the guilt.  But, if your house is like mine the kids still want to eat even if I have a party to go to and I have to feed them something other and Chic Fil A and Canes-right?  And there are times throughout the holiday season that I just want a quiet dinner at home which means I have to make something as good as Chic Fil A and Canes.  This recipe for Chicken Paillard with Pears and Arugula is DELICIOUS! It is so easy, quick and light and your kids will eat it because it is tangy and salty and sweet.  I adapted this recipe from Tyler Florence- a chef I LOVE.  His recipes are always easy and just “normal”. Nothing fancy, but always tastes fancy.

Paillard just means pounded […]

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Instant Pot Korean Beef

Ok, Ok, Ok I know I have said I am not a huge fan of slow cookers and instant pots and for the most part I am not, but I have been playing around with the Instant Pot and have come up with a few recipe that are really delicious.  This recipe for Korean Beef is so fast and is so good! It took me about 40 minutes from start to finish with only 10 of those minutes being hands on. So you can get these ingredients into the pot and then go do a few other things or just sit your butt down and have a glass of wine.

My family loves this dish and have asked for several times since I first served it.  I have a few people in the family that don’t love spicy food so I kept the spice down and just served Sriracha on the side for my son who likes is SPICY! I serve this over Jasmine rice, but you can serve over lo Mein noodles or rice noodles or brown […]

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Unstuffed Bell Peppers

Keeping with the theme that life is crazy ass busy right now I have put together another one-pot dinner.  Its the Unstuffed Bell Pepper and it is so good! It is even easier if you use all the amazing short cuts the grocery store offers now. Items like pre-cooked rice, pre-chopped garlic and pre-chopped parsley make this recipe even easier. You can whip this up in about 30 minutes from start to finish and your family will love it! It tastes just like the traditional stuffed and baked bell peppers without having to bake them for 45 minutes.

You can obviously substitute the ground turkey for beef and you can use white rice if you prefer.  I just like the chew of brown rice and plus it has a bit more nutritional value. Serve this with a side salad and dinner is served!

Unstuffed Bell Peppers

All the ingredients and flavors of a stuffed bell pepper come together in this one-pot meal.  It is quick […]

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Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Casserole! That is either a comforting word or a word that brings up memories of church suppers with dishes all made with cream of mushroom soup. I am not opposed to canned items like tomatoes, chilies, beans… but I avoid at all costs the cream of ______ soup cans.  They are just gross to me, but I do love a lot of the dishes that are made with those cans of cream of ______ soup. So, I decided to come up with a recipe for a classic Chicken and Rice Casserole that does not use those icky soups.

This recipe is one of those that you can make in advance and either keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days until you are ready to bake it or you can keep it in the freezer for up to a month.  If you do decide to freeze it I suggest lining the dish with foil then transferring the uncooked mixture (this recipe uses cooked chicken so it safe to freeze) to the foil lined casserole dish then freezing the […]

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Easy Beef Taco Skillet Dinner

Beef Taco Skillet Dinner is one of those recipes to keep in your back pocket for one of those days when the shit has hit the fan but the people in your house still need to eat! It is easy, comforting, hearty and delicious.  My in-home taste tester scarfed the whole plate down. This is rare-he hates everything so if the 13 year old likes it you know its good!

You can make this entire dinner in one skillet which makes clean up a breeze and is an added bonus for those nights when you are too tired to clean 5 pans. This recipe is also one that you most likely have all the ingredients in your panty or fridge.  So go rummage or stock up when you are at the grocery and you will be able to pull this together in 20 minutes!

Also, a quick nag for all you crazy busy families-take 10 minutes on Sunday night to make a rough weekly meal plan.  I  have the template on the right side of the blog. Just print it […]

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Chicken Lombardy

Since beef is now the devil’s food I have been trying to cook less red meat and more chicken, fish, salads and even vegetarian, gasp!  But, chicken can be very bland and way over served so how to we make it delicious and craveable? That’s right, put a crap ton of cheese on it with a savory rich sauce! This Chicken Lombardy is not in anyway a “healthy” recipe, but it is so good and sometimes we just need a decadent dinner to reward our selves for making it though traffic, carpools, tantrums, homework, teenagers… and this dish avoids the devil’s food, BEEF.  We will serve that tomorrow night 🙂

Chicken Lombardy is a classic recipe that has been around forever.  It is easy to pull together but looks very fancy. Basically this is using the same technique that I use in a lot of my recipes which is to sear the meat, create a sauce with pan drippings and bake in oven.  When I teach my cooking classes I try to pass along TECHNIQUES because all that […]

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Oven Baked Orange Chicken

It’s that time of year again-the start of school! I really cannot believe that its already September. I do have to say I love this time of year though with the newness of everything. The new teachers (read- trying to figure out how to login to their cute websites with ridiculous passwords and dealing with hours of homework) the new teams and coaches (read- the endless streams of tears because your kid didn’t make the “A” team or the coach is an insensitive jerk and makes 12 year olds run 6 miles), the new fall wardrobe (read- I cannot fit into anything because I was in vacation mode for 3 months and ate anything I wanted) or the new dinnertime routine (read-WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO MAKE FOR DINNER) Just kidding!!!  Kinda… but really I do love the Fall.  The weather finally starts to cool down and the trees begin to turn colors and the yummy fall comfort dishes are on the table!


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Mexican Casserole

I realize that Cinco de Mayo was last week, but here in Texas we eat Mexican food every week! It is just a staple in almost every household.  Whether it is tacos, tortilla soup, enchiladas, fajitas, nachos…. I promise every Texas family is eating something Tex-Mex related every week. And don’t forget the margaritas-those are a Friday night must have with a bowl of chips and hot sauce (yes that is what we call salsa)! But, during the week I try to shake it up a bit and this recipe for Mexican Casserole is a winner and requested often.  Even though my husband HATES casseroles he likes this one-go figure! It has all the traditional Tex-Mex flavors but is super easy to pull together and gets you out of the taco rut I know you are in.

I make this with ground beef, but you can leave it out and make it vegetarian or you can substitute grilled or shredded chicken or even ground turkey. This recipe is just a guideline.  Make it your own. Serve it hot […]

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Shredded Chicken Tacos

If you are like me when April rolls around I am out of ideas for dinner and out of energy. I mean 6th grade math is a killer and I am so ready to get to summer!  But like I told my freshman the other day, you have to finish strong or it doesn’t count so here goes to the finish line!!!!! I have my cheerleader pom poms ready and we are going to make it through to the finish line!  So here is a no brainer, quick, family friendly dinner-Shredded Tacos! They have become one of my go-to dinners to make during the week when I am really out of time and energy-like after studying for a math test or finishing one of those ridiculous “science” projects (note to teachers-boys HATE those projects and Mom ends up doing them so please limit them to 1 a year, please). Anyway, this is quick and I always have all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry. AND….I can make it and leave it on the stove over low […]

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Pan Seared Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Mushroom Sauce

Oh my Lord I think Spring is here-finally! The weather is warming up and the sun is shining and my kids want OUT of school! We are to the point that we are marking off the days until summer and we are between 27 and 31 days depending on which of the three schools my kids are in.  And I can tell you the boy with 31 days and finals is not happy.  Since there are so few days left of school that means we don’t have that many days left of family dinners. And that makes me so sad.  I truly love and look forward to family dinners during the school year.  The summers just get crazy and everyone is going in a million directions and it is really hard to make a teenager sit down and eat with the family when Whataburger is calling. So I am cherishing every dinner we have left and making really good food to entice them such as Pan Seared Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Mushroom Sauce.

This lamb recipe is […]

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Cod with Sweet Potato and Leek Hash over Polenta

Cod with Sweet Potato and Leek Hash Over Polenta

It’s Spring, I think-some days we have sun and other days we have rain and ice.  I am hoping since it is mid-March we are headed towards beautiful spring days.  When Spring arrives everyone starts to think of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, fish and generally eating lighter.  I have said this before, but my family does not love fish.  They don’t hate it, but they don’t love it. So I have to work hard to find fish dishes that are tasty and easy.  Cod, Halibut, Sea Bass and Tuna are all great choices for fish that is not too fishy.  They are flaky white fish that cook easily and can be thrown in the oven for even easier preparation. Cod with Sweet Potato and Leek Hash sounds very fancy but it is really pretty easy and your family will love it.

I don’t know about you, but I think cooking fish seems a bit daunting and I am not sure why, but its scary!  I am afraid that I am going […]

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Rosemary Chicken Lasagna

Hi!  I’m back!  I was offline for awhile, but for a good reason-I was updating my site.  I hope you like the new look!

So, for my first recipe I’d like to share with you a good ole’ comfort food dish.  I feel like I need some comfort with the stress of the new year and all those damn cleanses and diets, insane politics, insane people, sports/grades and last but not least the WEATHER- What the hell???  The weather has been so crummy lately and frankly I am sick of it! I have been traveling all over the country this past month and I can tell you the only place that has nice weather is Scottsdale! I hope they know how good they have it in the winter because Texas, Virgina, New York are awful right now!

Back to the recipe…this is just a variation on traditional lasagna. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE traditional red sauce lasagna, but sometimes you just want a change, but not too much of a change.  I’m not talking about a […]

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Asian Five Spice Short Ribs

On the nights that I am not cooking or the nights that my husband and I go out and the kids are on their own they always ask for either pizza or Asian food.  I think that they are drawn to the salty element of both of those foods.  But every time I order pizza or Asian take out I feel guilty and bloated, because of course I have to taste their food and the salt content is off the charts.

Now, I think you all know, if you have been reading my blog, that I am not one of those vegan, vegetarian, only eat organic, never eat fast food kind of moms.  Hell yes we eat In and Out Burger and hell yes we eat Goldfish crackers and Hagen Daz (sometimes together), but I do try and serve my kids, and me,  as much healthy food as possible.
This recipe is not exactly “healthy”, but it is a hell of a lot healthier than ordering take out. I got this recipe from a friend of mine who got it from […]
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Pan Fried Trout with Lemon

We do not eat a lot of fish in my house for 2 reasons, 1-my kids don’t like it and 2- I don’t like it 🙂  I don’t typically like the taste of most fish (there are exceptions), but what I hate most about eating fish is that you are hungry 30 minutes after you finish eating.  It never fails when I order fish or make fish I eat the entire plate, but by the time I get home or finish cleaning up the kitchen I am starving again and then I just say screw its and eat a tray of brownies.  Now how is that helping me loose weight?  See, I really do blame fish for making me gain weight, yep, that is the problem! So, I just don’t cook it very often:)

However, my youngest son loves trout!  Go figure-the kid that hates everything loves trout and orders it at every restaurant that has it on the menu.  So… every now and then I will make trout and it actually is one of the fish dishes that I like, but […]
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Balsamic Braised Chicken

It’s MONDAY!  Yay! Not really, but it is what it is. Let’s go!!

I woke my son up this morning and he said, “I am not going to school today.”  I said, “I know you are tired, but you have to go.”  He said, “Mom, I am standing my ground!”  I had to laugh. Getting up on Mondays is never fun for kids and getting ready for the week for moms is never fun.  I feel like my to-do list is a mile long on Mondays-how does stuff just appear on my list over the weekend? And, why do the grocery stores not stock until Tuesday???  Drives me NUTS! I go to the grocery on Mondays because the entire neighborhood ate all my food over the weekend and I need to re-stock for the week, but the shelves are empty on Monday.  I may start a petition for grocery stores to stock on Sunday night. Stay tuned!
Anyway, back to cooking.  Normally on Sunday afternoons I will come up with a list of 4-5 recipes for the week.  I know that we will most […]
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Tarragon Chicken Patties with Mashed Potatoes

Tarragon Chicken Patties 2

Well…its the middle of September and I’m not sure if it is fall, summer, spring or the second coming.  The weather has been insane for the entire country for the last few weeks.  I am waiting for locusts to start falling from the sky soon!

I try to cook seasonally, but it has been so hard recently that I have just said screw it and I am making what sounds good that day.  Over the last week we have had summer BBQ ribs, winter beef stew, spring roasted chicken and last night we had these amazing Tarragon Chicken Patties with Mashed Potatoes.
Now, you know my recipes are super easy, unless I specify otherwise, and these chicken patties are easy, quick and delicious.  And, to make the meal even easier I used pre-made, store bought mashed potatoes, GASP! I know, I know, for the most part I hate the mass produced, pre-made stuff in the store only because it normally tastes like crap! But, mashed potatoes is something that they have perfected and if you choose the […]
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Tuscan Chicken with Rosemary and White Wine

And so it begins-the endless search for meals that little people will eat. It is always a challenge to make everyone happy without going out to dinner every night.  My kids actually hate going out to eat and I get tired of the same 5 restaurants to choose from so I cook most nights, but it is hard to stay creative. Don’t get me wrong, there are many nights where I just give up and order from door dash or we run out and a grab a quick unhealthy meal. But, if I can get it together and write out a weekly meal plan it makes it so much easier to just whip up something in my kitchen because I have all the ingredients waiting for me. 

It has been a long, crazy summer! With kids going in all directions and curfews getting later and later I am exhausted and fat!  And, now with my kids starting at 3 different schools I have not even gotten my act together for the beginning of the school year, but I am starting tonight! 
I am working on […]
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Skillet Pork Chops with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Well, it has begun-the insane kid schedule.  School has only started for one of my kids, but already I am being pulled in a million directions. And everything starts and ends at the same time so it makes it impossible to be in every place. Between football practice, lacrosse practice, orthodontist appointments, air conditioning repair men, Latin tutor, buying school supplies, buying ANOTHER mouthguard and packing my older son for school I’m already losing my mind and the school year hasn’t even started.  

But, one thing I do love about the school year is that we sit down together every night for dinner.  It is a non-negotiable event in my house-my kids know we are having dinner at the table every night and they must have a shirt on and hats must be off. So, I am excited to get that started again even though it adds one more chore to my day.  
Since we have one kid away at school when he is home it is even more special if I can trap him, duct tape him […]
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Turkey Meatloaf with Cauliflower Mash

Ok, I have to admit that my family does not like meatloaf!  I do not know what is wrong with them.  If I could I would eat meatloaf every night of the week, along side any pasta of any kind:) So…what is a girl to do when the fam does not want to eat what I want to make?  Make it anyway, dammit!  I’m cooking and they aren’t so every now and then they just have to eat what I want for dinner! And, honestly once they sit down and do the obligatory moan and groan about the meal they eat it and they do actually kinda like it.  Now, this recipe was pushing it, but my husband and I loved it and my kids had no idea the “mashed potatoes” were mashed cauliflower. So, I my book the meal was a success. 

This meatloaf is a healthier version of the typical three meat (pork, beef, veal) meatloaf, but I truly did not miss the traditional recipe.  This is DELICIOUS! You can make this ahead of time and keep in the fridge until you […]
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Creamy Cavatappi Pasta with Chicken Mushrooms and Peas

Well, its that time of year-back to school!  I always feel torn about this time of year, now that my kids are potty trained and sleep through the night.  When my kids were babies I could not wait for school to start back so that I could get a break and a nap! And, now that my kids stay out until 11pm, sleep until noon, eat all day and use an ungodly amount of pool towels daily I am ready for school to start so that my house is clean.  But, since my kids do sleep until noon and I can sleep until a normal waking hour I am dreading the weekly 5:30am alarm. Really!  Why in the world do 14 year olds need to be at football practice at 6am??? Its insane! These poor kids are so exhausted, but thats a whole other blog on our country’s school system.  So, I am dreading the start of school not to mention the constant battle of homework and carpools all over town for practices.  But, this is […]
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Lemon Roasted Chicken with Spring Vegetables

Chicken!!! It is the most boring thing on the planet to eat, UNLESS you have ever had really good roasted chicken and then it is divine, but, it is so hard to create restaurant quality chicken. There are a few tricks to making really good, juicy chicken.

First, start with good quality chicken. I know this sounds obvious, but the grocery stores normally carry mediocre quality chicken.  You have to search! You want to look for words like “air-chilled” or “antibiotic free” on the packaging.  The words “natural” or “hormone free” mean nothing because natural means that no preservatives were added, duh! And in America companies are not allowed to inject chickens with hormones so that claim is pointless.
Second, if you are cooking chicken that is not going to be crusted or covered in a sauce then you need to use skin-on, bone-in chicken. GASP! I know-the skin!!!  Oh my gawd, “I might ingest calories”. An entire skin-on chicken breast contains only 50 calories and thats if you eat the skin.  Most of the time I remove the skin […]
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Balsamic Pork Chops

Easter is over and it’s the end of the school year and frankly I am DONE!  I know I will be saying the same thing come August when I am ready for my kids to go back to school and get the hell out of my house, but right now I am so over homework, bedtimes, practices, games….dinner!  Yes, I am over dinner right now.  I love to cook, but it’s hard to come up with something to make for dinner every night.  Sometimes I wish my kids were like plants and I only had to feed them every few days:) But, my kids like to eat EVERY day! 

So, even though we are in the home stretch and are ready to quit we still need to make sure that we are feeding our families.  There will be plenty of nights this summer where good ole Chic Fit A will work just fine. But, for now the best thing to do is to make a weekly meal plan.  I know this sounds very cupcakey, but it does not have to be overly detailed […]
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Boiled Shrimp with Spicy Cocktail Sauce

I don’t think I have been to one buffet where they don’t have boiled shrimp or crab claws and now I know why.  I have never really thought about until I began putting this menu together.  If you are cooking a large menu you need to have items that are easy and simple and don’t take up a lot of brain power.  Boiled shrimp is it!  Everyone loves it and it looks fancy and it takes about 4 minutes to prepare-I swear!!!

I buy the tail on, easy peel, raw, frozen shrimp 21-25.  Which means that when you buy 1 pound of shrimp you should get anywhere between 21-25 shrimp in that pound.  So, obviously the bigger the number the smaller the shrimps.  When you are serving boiled shrimp as a dish alone you want the largest shrimp you can find or afford.  And buying frozen means that you can buy in advance and thaw when you are ready. 
You can peel the shells off if you want or you can boil the shrimp with the shells on and let your […]
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Crispy Pork Milanese

The word “crispy” sells more food at restaurants and stores than any other adjective.  We love crispy food! People tend to like crispy food because crispy/crunchy foods are noisy to eat.  It is the “sixth sense” of eating.  We associate crunch, or noise, with freshness and quality, therefore we are drawn to foods that are crispy or that have crispy in the title. We have, in recent years, trained ourselves to stay away from “fried”, but we still order “crispy” even though it is the same concept of preparation.  

This theory is true in my house.  If I prepare Crispy Pork Milanese my family will gobble it up.  If I make a salad, but forget to put in the croutons you can guarantee I will hear about it! My kids want carrots, pretzels, apples…anything crunchy.  And frankly, so do I.  See that is why I have to eat that bag of Cheetos-I am wired that way-I just can’t change:) 
This recipe for Crispy Pork Milanese is so delicious! It is not as healthy as grilled chicken, but hell I get tired of grilled chicken […]
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