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Pickled Jalapeños

Pickled Jalapeños 1

Growing up in Texas a staple in your weekly diet is Tex-Mex-I’m not kidding! There are a million Mexican restaurants to choose from and the first thing everyone does when they get back from vacation is hit one of these to get their fix. The week before school starts you cannot get into a Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas without a 2 hour wait and yes people wait 2 hours to get a table.  The trick is to get a seat in the bar and a BIG margarita and WAIT. But, oh its so good and after a week away at the beach or in the mountains a big ole plate of enchiladas or fajitas is just the thing. And the one condiment that is served is pickled jalapeños.

In my house we eat pickled jalapeños on EVERYTHING! For breakfast on Green Chili Breakfast Casserole , Mini Sausage and Cheese Burrito Bowls , Weekday Migas … For lunch in Tortilla Soup , on a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, ….For Dinner on Mexican Lime Chicken , on […]

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Summer Dip

Summer Dip

So on Sunday a massive shitstorm hit Dallas and we have all been without power for 3 days.  And let me tell you not having power with 3 teenage boys that love Wi-fi it was a struggle. And not having AC for this mamma was a struggle! We are back up and running, but I did have to empty out my ENTIRE fridge and freezer-you have no idea how heartbreaking that was especially after I had just gone to the grocery to stock up for out of town guests.

Last night as we were sitting in the living room enjoying the cool air one of the boys stated he was hungry, shocking! I had NOTHING! We were going out to dinner, but they wanted a snack so I threw together this dip with items I had in my pantry. This dip has a lot of memories associated with it.  Our very good friend and my childhood neighbor, Jan, used to make this dip all the time and serve it by the pool. We would swim all day […]

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Blackberry and Basil Fizz Cocktail

Blackberry and Basil Fizz Cocktail

I don’t drink a lot, but when I do I always go for the same ole, same ole-dirty martini, old fashioned or wine. And I am kinda tired of those drinks so I have tried to come up with a few new summer cocktails that are EASY and do not require you to go buy the entire liquor store.  I mean what am I going to do with a whole bottle of blue curaçao? So this Blackberry and Basil Fizz Cocktail is simple, delicious and uses all the bounties of summer-basil and blackberries!  I made it with both Gin and Whiskey and they both are fabulous!

The only tools you really need are a cocktail shaker and muddler and if you are an adult and have a bar you should have those tools! They are cheap and you will use them all the time!


Simple Syrup Bottle

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Grilled Tuscan Tuna Steaks

Tuscan Tuna Steaks 4

It is grill season! Living in Texas we can pretty much grill all year, but something about summer just screams it’s time for easy, light, quick grilled dinners. There is usually very little or no clean up with grilled dinners and everything tends to be rather light and healthy with the exception of ribs. Last night we had two of our three boys home for dinner-during the summer I let night family dinners slide and only require Wednesdays and Sundays for full family sit down dinners.  I found some beautiful tuna steaks at Central Market and decided to use a bright flavorful summery Tuscan rub on them and throw them on the grill. I served them with Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Easy summer dinner!

If you don’t have a grill you need to get one, but if you aren’t able to have a grill you can absolutely place the tuna steaks in a cast iron skillet or baking sheet and bake in oven at 450 degrees for about 8-12 minutes depending on […]

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Watermelon Martini

Watermelon Martini 1

Its Summer!!!  I have been MIA for a couple weeks, but I am back! Getting kids home from school, finishing finals, which by the way I feel like I took 7th grade finals-good lord, it has just been a busy couple of weeks.  But I am going to get back at it and my first post for you guys is a summery and REALLY refreshing Watermelon Martini.  This thing is DELICIOUS and DANGEROUS!

It is SO easy to make and even easier if you can find pre-made watermelon juice like I can at Central Market. I bet you could find it at Wegmans (East Coast), Draegers (West Coast) or any high end grocery store.  But if you can’t find watermelon juice you can make it very easily. All you do it take 5-6 cups of cut up seedless watermelon and put in a blender and puree.  Then strain through a fine mesh strainer and voila you have watermelon juice.

Another ingredient you need is Simple Syrup.  And as the name suggests it is very simple.  You can […]

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Oven Fried Pickles

Oven Fried Pickles 5

Bring an appetizer! I know you hear that all the time when you are invited to a party or get together, but, what can you bring that is fun, different and healthy? Well, not kale healthy, but semi healthy? Make these Oven Fried Pickles, they are DELICIOUS!  They are easy and your guests or family will devour them.  I made these this weekend while the boys, and I, were watching the National Lacrosse semi-finals and they ate the whole batch in 5 minutes. Yes, lax is a HUGE sport in our family! My husband and his 3 brothers all played in college and my 3 boys have played since they were in 1st grade and I love watching it! A quick shout out to my friend Megan‘s son, Cade who plays for UVA and who made it to the final four!! (BTW she has an AWESOME lifestyle blog, Truly Megan-check it out! ) My husband was super bummed that his alma mater, Penn, lost but we will root for the other […]

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Balsamic Roasted Grapes on Blue Cheese Crostini

Balsamic roasted Grapes 4

A couple weeks ago I asked you guys what you wanted to see more of on the blog and the overwhelming response was APPETIZERS! I get it appetizers are hard! You want to serve something special and delicious but you do not want to spend all day in the kitchen making individual mini tacos-that for the caterers!  And you are also tired of serving a bowl of salsa and chips. So I have come up with several easy-to-make appetizers for parties or just happy hour get togethers. This one, Balsamic Roasted Grapes on Blue Cheese Crostini is very easy, even though it is individual pieces. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and that is the oven time included. I have to admit that I did not create this amazing little bites-I got the recipe from Southern Living, but I have no idea what issue I pulled it out of. I do that, I tear recipes out of magazines then they sit only desk for years. You should see my desk!!!

Ok, back […]

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Whipped Avocado Dip

Whipped Avocado Dip 3

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to come out, the weather is warmer and the mosquitos are not in full rage mode, so that means patio parties, happy hours, spring outdoor birthday parties and that means APPETIZERS! I hear all the time when invited to a party, “just bring an app”.  What does that mean? Chips and salsa? Yes, but let’s be a bit more creative-you host or guests will appreciate it.  Over the next few weeks I am going to be posting delicious appetizers. I have collected these recipes over the years from God knows where, but I have a ton. And you know I like easy so they are going to be easy, delicious and perfect for spring and summer get togethers.

The first one is a Whipped Avocado Dip-creamy, cool, spicy, delicious!  This is inspired by a local restaurant’s avocado dip and it is no doubt the first thing people order when they sit down at a table at this restaurant. They serve it with house-made potato chips or […]

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Creamy Sun-dried Tomato and Shrimp Pasta

Creamy Sun-dried tomato and shrimp pasta

Being the end of the school year means that EVERYONE is done! We are all tired of school, even Mom! And I am so tempted to order in dinner every night until summer break, but I just can’t find enough healthy places to order from and I cannot feed my family pizza for the next three weeks, or can I???  hummm… No, I can do this!  I can make dinner for just a few more weeks.  Not that I don’t cook in the summer , but it just seems more relaxed and we only get about 2-3 nights a week that we have family dinner in the summer so the pressure is off.

So…dinner recipes that are quick, tasty, easy and the whole family will eat. That is a tall order, but I have a recipe that I know you will love.  Creamy Sun-dried Tomato and Shrimp Pasta.  It is not low fat or vegan, but it is so good and will be eaten and in my book that is a successful […]

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Mexican Lime Chicken

Mexican Lime Chicken

Being a Texan means we eat A LOT of Tex-Mex food! Its just in our blood to crave a margarita, chips, hot sauce (that’s what we call salsa), fajitas on a Friday evening… And we like it spicy, but not Cajun spicy! It has to have a tang of lime along with the heat of the jalapeños.  To give you an example of what I mean when I say “in our blood”, my oldest son would sit in his high chair starting when he was about 9 months old and eat, with a spoon, a bowl of “hot sauce” at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Cocina. It was the damnedest thing! He still to this day LOVES spicy- I ship him jars and jars of his favorite salsa, chips and pickled jalapeños to school. Thank God for Amazon!

So what does this have to do with the following recipe?? Well, when we have a busy weeknight and don’t have time to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant I make Mexican Lime Chicken with warm tortillas (we […]

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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Chicken Pot Pie Soup 3

I know, I know its Spring and we are wanting light, fresh recipes, but the weather has been so rainy and yucky that I have been wanting comfort food, especially soup.  Not a heavy chili or stew but soup-warm and comforting.  We love Chicken Pot Pie so I thought about how good would a Chicken Pot Pie Soup be?? Well..its pretty damn good! And really easy! You can make this more complicated by making your own biscuits but why? Just use the store bought biscuits in a can or the frozen biscuits.  They are just as good in a recipe like this and are super easy to make-preheat oven and bake 12 minutes.  Can’t get much easier than that!

I used heavy cream in this recipe but only because I had it in the fridge.  You can absolutely use milk in place of the cream and lighten this up even more.

I know I say all the time that this or that recipe is easy, but this one is really easy. On the night I […]

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Healthy Cajun Jambalaya


Happy Monday! The sun is finally shining here in Texas! And when the sun is shining in Texas in the Spring that means pollen, ugh!!!  I don’t know about you but I am dying!  My car is green and I cannot stop sneezing, but the sun is shining!!  So let’s get cooking!

I am back in the kitchen after a lot of travel and I have a fantastic healthy, quick weeknight dinner for you, Healthy Cajun Jambalaya!  YUM!  It is a little spicy and very flavorful and I serve it over Trader Joe’s cauliflower rice. Now, you can definitely serve this over traditional rice, but I thought I would give this a try and you know what the family LOVED it! My youngest son did ask, “What is this kind of rice is this?”, but I just said its rice that I toasted in the oven and he said “oh, ok I like it!”  Who said you are not supposed to lie to your kids? Had I told him it was cauliflower I can guarantee he would have […]

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Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe 1

This recipe is what I call a cheat dinner! It is SUPER easy and very comforting and takes about 20 minutes to get on the table. And it can sit on the stove until everyone is ready or you can serve it in shifts for those busy sports nights.  I remember my mom making this when I was a child and I always loved Sloppy Joe nights (and chip beef on toast, but that is another topic).  It just meant it was a casual, easy, quick dinner night. It didn’t mean we didn’t have placemats and napkins, but it was just a casual night. Not many dishes to clean up and it was yummy and filling. And as a mom now yummy and filling are what I am needing for 3 teenage boys!

My mom always used the canned sloppy joe sauce and it was delicious, but I thought I would try to recreate it without using the can. It turned out pretty darn good!  And it really was just as easy. This is one of those […]

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Chicken Caprese

Caprese Chicken

Can you tell I am on a spring kick?!  For some reason I am just wanting fresh and light dinners and lunches.  Don’t worry I will get back to the fattening, yummy dishes soon enough:) But, in the meantime here is another delicious, quick and easy recipe that you can have on the table in 30 minutes with about 10 minutes hands on time! Caprese Chicken is all the fabulous flavors of the traditional Italian salad of mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but stuffed into a chicken breast then roasted in the oven until the chicken browns and the mozzarella becomes ooey and gooey. YUM!

This is a great recipe for using your tomatoes that aren’t quite ripe or your basil that is not quite in full bloom. Since they are going to be cooked their natural sweetness will come out in the roasting.  And this is also a great recipe for using the standard grocery store mozzarella.  You want low moisture mozzarella so that it melts gently when cooking. So dont waste your money […]

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Pesto Chicken Salad

Pesto Chicken Salad

I was at Costco yesterday and grabbed a jar of their basil pesto.  It is SO good!!  It tastes so fresh and is not too oily.  It is delicious over pasta or in scrambled eggs or just slathered on a toasted baguette. But, I was thinking about what I could do with it that was a bit different and I thought of chicken salad-one because I had a fresh rotisserie chicken sitting on my counter and two I LOVE chicken salad.  Side note-If any of you live in Dallas and are chicken salad aficionados, Kubys has the best in the world! So, back to the recipe…I decided to come up with a quick chicken salad recipe using basil pesto and this is what I came up with.  It is simple, has few ingredients and is quick to make! 3 wins in my book.

You can always make your own pesto-I have a great recipe, but if you don’t have the basil on hand or just don’t want that extra step then store bought pesto is […]

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Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats

Coconut Cream Pie overnight Oats

Its April! And that means we have 2 months until summer-woo hoo!!  But, that means that we have 2 months of breakfasts and dinners to figure out-ugh! By this time everyone is tired of getting up and tired of the routine and is looking for something different.  I make my youngest son the same thing every morning- omelet with cheese, toast, berries and milk. He is SICK of that breakfast by April. So, I am shaking things up this week with a delicious Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats. I made a batch last night that will last all week and it was SO easy this morning when I stumbled downstairs to “make” breakfast.  I scooped out a bowlful of oats and topped it with fresh blueberries and breakfast was served!

It took me a few tries to get this recipe right, but there really is no “recipe”. Just adjust the amounts to what you prefer.  I used So Delicious Coconut Milk-it comes in a box and is either next to the milk or in […]

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Teriyaki Quinoa Chicken Bowl

Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl

Ok this Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl is another copycat of the fabulous True Foods recipe. I used to get this dish every single time I went to True Foods until I branched out and started ordering other things off the menu.  It is so good and so filling and honestly most of the time I get it without chicken, but my family likes protein so I put it in it when I am making it at home.

This is not a complicated recipe, but it does take a few pots which kinda drives me nuts (I hate to clean pots), but it is worth it.  It doesn’t take much time so that is pretty much all I am looking for on a weeknight. And I always put my pots in the dishwasher anyway (not my cast iron or non-stick) because I am lazy and ready to watch whatever show I am in the middle of after dinner. I tell ya now that I have a teen driver my carpool days are over at night and we have […]

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Rotisserie Chicken Panzanella

A classic Italian salad made with day-old bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies with addition of store bought rotisserie chicken makes this a perfect weeknight, light dinner.

This is a great dish to use up your not so ripe or over ripe tomatoes.  By letting the tomatoes sit in a bowl sprinkled with salt a beautiful juice forms that adds a sweetness to the dressing that screams summer! Now, I know its not summer yet, but I feel like we are all SO ready for some warm weather and some sunny days so lets just pretend!

The “recipe” for panzanella has been around for centuries, but the addition of tomatoes was not until the 20th century so this is an ever evolving recipe.  My point being add whatever you have on hand to this salad.  There is no recipe. If you have avocado or corn or squash add it! Grilled chicken, shrimp, steak, salmon…add it.  There are no rules and you can’t mess it up!

With my “recipe” I used what I had in my fridge-tomato, arugula, watercress, day-old bread, […]

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Rosemary Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes

Rosemary Meatballs

Meatballs are one of those very versatile recipes that everyone should have in their repertoire. Once you learn the basic recipe you can change up the ingredients to make Italian, Asian, spicy, turkey, chicken…. the combinations are endless. These are my Rosemary Meatballs that are super easy. They are baked in the oven and can be frozen raw or cooked.  They go great with mashed potatoes, in tomato sauce, in a hoagie roll, or on a platter with toothpicks… They make a great weeknight dinner or dinner party appetizer.

These meatballs are a combination of pork and beef which is pretty traditional for Italian meatballs, but the addition of rosemary takes it in a different direction. You can still serve these with pasta and tomato sauce and it will be AMAZING, but they are amazing on their own as well. Another benefit of making this recipe is it calls for a lot of garlic so your house will smell amazing while it is cooking. There are a few things that make people come running to the kitchen, […]

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Southern Dirty Rice

Southern Dirty Rice

Side dishes, ugh!  I have said this before, but side dishes are hard! Why? I don’t know, but maybe because we spend so much time on the main course that we are tired by the time we remember the lowly side dish?? At least that is my answer and plus I have boys and they basically want MEAT so I make the side dish and the little farts don’t eat it.  So, I have to work very hard to get a good list of side dishes they will eat so I know my time is not wasted.

This Southern Dirty Rice is one of those dishes that everyone eats. It’s probably because it has NO redeeming healthy qualities, lol! It uses a stick of butter for heavens sake, but damn it is SO good.  I mean SO good! It is salty, savory, creamy…all the things you look for in a recipe:).  Oh and lets not forget it is SUPER easy-you open a few cans. This is not my typical recipe I post because it does […]

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Shepherd’s Pie

Ah the comfort food classic, Shepherd’s Pie! This is one of those casseroles that I used to love as a kid. It is meaty, savory and just delicious! And as a mom I now serve it because it is meaty, savory and EASY:) And my boys love it!

The traditional Shepherd’s Pie originates in the UK and Ireland and is made with lamb and vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes or a pie crust. However, since beef is eaten more than lamb in America we have altered the dish to be made with ground beef.  In Europe a Shepherd’s Pie made with beef is called a Cottage Pie so why do we in America call it a Shepherd’s Pie? Who the hell knows, but I believe it has to do with a mistaken cookbook translation in the late 1860s.

Anyway, it is a classic, hearty, easy, delicious recipe that your family will love, especially if you love casseroles. If you want to […]

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Classic Brandy (or Bourbon) Milk Punch

Its Mardi Gras season and I love the music, food and people, but I look most forward to the Brandy Milk Punch! I would rather have a glass of this punch than the King Cake-if I have to choose. It is a classic cocktail served mostly at a New Orleans brunch, most specifically Brennan’s, but during Mardi Gras it is served ALL day long everywhere. […]

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Marinated Flank Steak

I probably cook flank steak about once a week. My kids LOVE it!  Its flavorful, beefy and chews like a STEAK-perfect food for boys. Many, many times I just season it with whatever I can find in my spice drawer because I forgot to marinate it before.  But, If I am on my game and can remember or if I do as I preach and make my weekly meal plan then I marinate it and it is SO good.

I am sure most of you have most, if not all, of the marinade ingredients in your pantry and fridge so that makes this especially easy. Now, finding flank steak can sometimes be hard-no idea why. And it used to be SO cheap but the price keeps creeping up on beef but still this cut is fairly cheap for how many people it feeds. As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Costco (angels singing) and they always have flank steak in packs of 2 so when I buy it I come home and freeze one piece […]

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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Chicken Sausage Bolognese

This Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Chicken Sausage Bolognese is my copycat recipe of the restaurant, True Foods, recipe.  I’m sure a lot of you have been to True Foods (Oprah’s restaurant) and have your favorite thing you order.  This is one of my go to orders, along with the edamame ravioli. This recipe is filling and only about 450 calories a serving. You can make this vegetarian by leaving out the chicken sausage.

I made this the other night for my family and they loved it.  I’m serious!  My 13 year old who hates everything and is a total teenage ahole right now (I do still love him) said, “this is awesome mom”.  I did nearly fell out of my chair, but I just smiled and said, “thank you, sweetie” then got him a second helping.  OMG! So if the crabby teen likes it I promise you will all like this recipe.

Now this recipe is not fast, but its pretty straight forward.  It is mostly waiting for the timer to go off so this is a good recipe […]

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Taco Pasta

Some nights I just want an old-fashioned comfort food dinner. What comes to mind?  Pot Roast? Grilled Cheese? Hamburger Helper-Did your mom make that? My mom cooked every night and made great dinners for us, but there was the occasional “cheat night” and we would have Hamburger Helper. Now the thought of opening that box kinda makes me sick, but I still love the idea of the beefy, cheesy, pasta dish. So I have come up with a modern “fresher” version of the famed box dinner, but its just as easy-Taco Pasta!

Now lets be real-this is not a fancy dinner, but its quick and easy and the whole family will love it unless you are a kale eating vegetarian 🙂 You probably have all these ingredients in your pantry so if 5pm hits and you have NO idea what to make for dinner this is a great recipe. Note-I have a taco seasoning recipe but if you don’t want to make your own then just use one of those taco seasoning packets.

Hope you have a great […]

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Valentines Day Menu

It’s Valentines Day this week-I cannot believe that we are in February already, but here we are.  What are your plans? We are headed to Virginia to visit our son and take him to dinner-romantic, huh:) After 19 years of marriage the romance of Valentines Day is a bit lost or should I say the idea of going to an expensive, pre-made, crowded dinner is not very romantic. And this year it is on a Thursday, wha wha… which means work the next day. So, if you are planning on staying in, but want to make the night special here is a great menu.

I created this menu with the idea that after a long day at work you want to make a special dinner, but do not want to spend hours grocery shopping or hours making it. All of these recipes are super easy. They sound difficult and very restauranty, but I promise they are easy.  Oh and the ingredients you can get at just about any grocery store.  I would suggest going to the best store […]

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Butter Poached Scallops

Butter poached scallops! How decadent does that sound? I was at the grocery store with my son and he was picking out the piece of salmon he and his dad wanted for dinner and since I don’t love salmon I picked out some jumbo scallops for my dinner. I used to “like” scallops, but I didn’t love them because I don’t really like the contrasting textures of seared scallops.  The outside is crispy and the inside is soft.  It just doesn’t work for me when we are talking about seafood. So when my friend made scallops one night for a dinner party I could not believe how AMAZING they were.  I mean TO DIE for! Of course I asked for the recipe and she gladly gave it to me.  I can’t say it’s much of a recipe, but more like instructions because it is that easy. It takes about 12 minutes from start to finish, I’m serious! You can make this on any weeknight or for a dinner party or special occasion. It is that special, but […]

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Citrus Salad with Fennel and Avocado

It is citrus season and I love it! There is nothing better than a juicy orange on a winter day.  It just makes you feel happy and hopeful that spring is around the corner. We always have tons of oranges, grapefruits, lemons in the fridge but especially in the winter months. In fact, I was at the grocery store this morning and came home with about 15 oranges and grapefruits so I better get cooking or peeling.

This Citrus Salad with Fennel and Avocado is a classic restaurant salad probably because it is delicious but also because it is really easy to put together and in a restaurant they can charge about $18 and get away with it. So, why not make this at home and save money and have it all the time?!

If you are not familiar with fennel you need to get to know it.  It is a delicious vegetable and that goes in so many dishes and can also be eaten raw. I used to hate fennel, but we had a friend come to our […]

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Blanched Asparagus with Beurre Blanc

Blanched Asparagus with Beurre Blanc, damn that sounds fancy!! Well, it is fancy but super easy and very impressive. Let’s break this recipe down… blanched means to scald in boiling water for a brief time and then place in an ice bath to stop the cooking. Basically you are boiling the vegetable until it is crisp tender and then cooling it down so it does not over cook. Easy, right?

Ok on to Beurre is literally translated from French as “white butter”.  It is butter sauce made with a reduction of white wine, lemon juice and shallots into which cold butter is whisked in to prevent separation. I know that sounds super fancy, but I promise it is not hard and once you learn how to make the sauce from heaven you will make it all the time.  It goes with everything-steak, eggs, vegetables, old shoe…. It is to die for!

So we are basically making boiled asparagus with a butter sauce. Sounds much more manageable. There are a few tricks to pull this off-1) use a timer when blanching the asparagus […]

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Chocolate Pot de Creme

February is chocolate month! We are not huge sweets people in my house, but every now and then I love a great dessert. If I could narrow it down to 3 I would choose creme brûlée, carrot cake and pot de creme, pronounced POH-de-KREM. It means pot of cream and it is a French dessert dating back to the 17th century. You can make salted caramel pot de creme or vanilla pot de creme or CHOCOLATE pot de creme the list goes on.  It is silky and rich and oh so delicious and oh so easy! It sounds super fancy and time consuming, but I promise it is a breeze to make.

This is a recipe you can make a couple days in advance of a dinner party. When it comes time to serve all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and add a dollop of whipped cream and dessert is served!

One thing to note about a dessert that you cont cook-use the very best ingredients you can find or afford. I […]

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